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What You Should Know Before Installing Eyelash Extension


Most women do not have enough time or patience to wear false eyelashes or two or three times of mascara in order to get the impression of a tempting lashes eyelashes. So, it’s no secret that the extension of eyelashes has grown so much in recent years.

You are tempted to get it, but still a little hesitant to try this beauty treatment? Here’s some information you should read about the process and the security of eyelash extensions before you rush to stop at the nearest salon.

Always select a professional and certified eyelash extension technician

It is true that not all lash extension stories end up tragic, but the risks are still looming. If you are still unsure about the safety of the procedure, you can reduce the chance of unwanted complications by taking some precautions.

First, be sure to contact a reputable beauty salon and request your procedure to be performed by a licensed eyelash extension technician. Second, ask what kind of adhesive glue to use with the ingredients. Allergic reactions are the biggest concern among eyelash extension customers make sure you ask the technician to sterilize the hands and all the equipment used to prevent the spread of microbial infections, and no less important again must choose best classic eyelash extension technician. The eyelash extension procedure should be a pain-free experience.

The process is complicated

Using a long, pointed pair of tweezers, the eyelash extension technician dipped a piece of synthetic lash in a dab of adhesive. With a pair of other tweezers, he separates your natural eyelashes to isolate just one piece, while holding it until the glue dries. The technician will repeat the process, one eyelash at a time, and implant up to 40-100 synthetic eyelashes for each eye. To get a natural impression, the technician will use different lengthy eyelashes, embed the longest synthetic eyelashes in your longest natural eyelashes.

The eyelash extension spends a lot of time

Everyone has different eyelashes and depending on the condition of your natural eyelashes yourself, the technician can only meet the long and thick demand of the eyelashes to some extent – to ensure that your natural eyelashes stay healthy. For example, if your original eyelashes are short and thin, you can not get those dramatic thick eyelashes like Hollywood celebrities because the results will not last long.

Implanting a complete set of false eyelashes takes approximately two hours, and the results can be maintained for up to a year with several touch-ups – recommended every 3-4 weeks. It’s a good idea to start with a half set first if you’re still not entirely sure of the results you get or this is the first time you tested the eyelash extension because it would be easier to add new eyelashes instead of pulling it out. Half a set of false eyelashes is an economical alternative to achieving the same dramatic end result, implanted as a stuffing to thicken natural eyelashes, or applied on the outside of the eye for a special performance.