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Medicinal Plants

Basil is one of the popular herb plants for kitchens. This plant is famous for its fresh flavor and aroma. Both dried or fresh basil is very easy to use for cooking. Basil itself can also be used for medicines, aroma carriers, antioxidants, to insect repellents.

The lavender plant is one of the most useful and well-known plants used as an herbal medicine, especially for this plant. Lavender is also useful for herbs and also for making cakes. Evicting the insects becomes an advantage too.

Growing lavender is done by sowing in the house and planted in the outside area.

Mint is a very good plant to expel various pests including rodents, ants, and spiders as well. Planting it around the house will take care of your garden from unwanted animal attacks. For the benefit of herbals, mint may help relieve sinusitis.

Orange leaves One part of this mint family is easily grown and provides health benefits. The citrus aroma produced also dar. This leaves naturally relieves stress and nervousness. Lemon balm can also be applied to relieve stomach cramps and pain and facilitate digestion.

This tool has been successfully used to prevent and control various diseases.

Almost all the medicinal plants we consume are not only good for preventing the disease and treating it, but also provide an effect that can maintain the health of the organs in our body. By treating the body’s healthy organs, then this will have an impact on the health of our body more seriously.

Plant root cat, this medicinal plant has disinfectant properties, anti-bacterial and also able to accelerate the process of blood clotting. With this function, it will affect the wound healing faster.

Ginger, Cough and runny nose is one type of mild disease and common. Usually this disease arises because of germs or bacteria that enter the body and cause cough and runny nose.

Cannabis, Medical Cannabis is also believed to have an effect to kill cancer cells, as well as some other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and also be able to reduce the side effects of hepatitis C therapy.