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7 Powerful Tips! How to Satisfy a Wife in a Bed

Based on research, only a small percentage of women can be completely satisfied when having sex. In fact, in order to maintain the husband’s feelings, not a few who choose to fake orgasms. As a normal man, surely you feel satisfied having sex if your wife also reaches a climax, right?

Although sex women are not the only ones who feel love, if they are constantly unsatisfied, they can be lazy to live in their household. Well, you really care about household health and hope to always be in harmony, then satisfy your wife in bed by consuming Generic Viagra.

Let’s look at tips to make women satisfied in bed to be happy:

1.    Flirt, Make Him ON

To get satisfaction in bed, women need to feel loved. Women need romanticism. They need to feel sexy in order to be passionate. After a long marriage, unfortunately the men began to forget & were lazy to give seduction or praise. In fact, praise will make women feel sexy and passionate. Make the wife feel desirable so she will wait for the time to serve her husband on the bed.

2.    How to Satisfy with Foreplay

Men sometimes rush to eat the “main menu” so that it seems just like a husband raping his wife. The origin of the penis enters, sperm comes out, then ends. Things like this are not expected by women. Some women even prefer foreplay rather than sex itself.

3.    Place & Style Variations

Intimate relationships can even reach a point of boredom. Occasionally do it in another place like the bathroom, or if possible do sex in the garden, sofa, maybe even in the kitchen? There are many lovemaking styles that can be practiced. So, don’t just take that position.

4.    How to Satisfy with the Clitoris Playing

This section has so many conditions that it is very sensitive. If you want to satisfy it, play this part and make it fly. If you like making love from behind, this position allows you to penetrate while playing the clitoris. This section can also be a target for foreplay!

5.    Good Service After Sex

It seems that men are really tired after ejaculation. It feels like just to lie down and sleep. Let alone clean up, just sleep and sleep.

Well, here’s the problem. Women contradict men. After serving the husband, the wife really hopes that the man will be romantic. At the very least, after finishing making love, give a kiss or an intimate hug even for a short time. The wife will feel very appreciated so that her mind feels satisfied because of the husband’s gentle attitude.

6.    Ask

Even though you are a legitimate couple, sometimes there is an awkward feeling to discuss the matter of the bed. Including discussing ways to satisfy one another. But try to learn from each other. Usually, it starts from the man by opening communication. Try asking sex like what his wife wants. Convince your wife not to be ashamed. Isn’t it lawful? Why should you be ashamed!

7.    How to Satisfy Emotion with Surprise & Gifts

Where do you find a gift? To make the household more harmonious, you can try by giving sexy gifts in the form of lingerie or sexy nightgowns.